Quick facts about Canada’s military families you may not have known:

There are over


active military family members living in Canada.

An image of a small child holding a Canadian flag, with soldiers in a blurred background

That includes


children under 18.

An image of map pins, meant to symbolize military families and their constant travel

Every year in Canada,


families move due to postings.

41% of military

personnel average


away on deployment.

41% of military personnel average 4 MONTHS away on deployment

A group of CAF members working together to carry a large metal beam

Multiple moves

44% of military spouses reported difficulty finding a family doctor after moving, compared to less than 16% of the general population

Changing Times

In the mid 1999s, 80% of military families in Canada lived on a base. By the mid-2010s, this had fallen to only 15%.

Multiple Deployments

In 2017, two-thirds of military personnel experienced extended periods of time spent away from their family.

*Source: The Vanier Institute of the Family “A Snapshot of Military and Veteran Families in Canada” Statistical Snapshots, 2018.

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