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Together We Stand Foundation (TWS) is a unique Canadian organization established to honour, show appreciation, and provide recognition for the tremendously important families that serve as the backbone of the Canadian Armed Forces.
There is an evident connection between a steady home front and the unimpeded ability of the Canadian Armed Forces members to focus on their important missions. Simply put, their homes are the place of safety and security that military members return to when their work to protect the safety and security of Canada is done.
This combination of resiliency and modesty is the thread the informs all of the communications and content that come from Together We Stand.

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The following are the logo styles to be used across any communications or content regarding our organization.

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If you wish to spread the message of our organization, please use the Official Positioning Video and the Battle Sheet provided below.

A Message from Doug Ford

Military Family Appreciation Day Guide

Official Positioning Video

2020 Battle Sheet

Social Media.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under @TWSFoundationCA.


For media inquiries, press release or any other questions please reach out to the contact listed below:

Military family appreciation day inquires.

Together We Stand Foundation

5775 Yonge Street, Suite 601

Toronto, ON M2M 4J1

General Together We Stand inquires.

Stephanie Shapiro

Chief Operating Officer

Together We Stand

Together We Stand Foundation

5775 Yonge Street, Suite 601

Toronto, ON M2M 4J1

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