Operation Care Package.

Building from the Eksteins’ 2017 gift card idea, TWS developed what is now known as our Family Care Package – a simple token of gratitude and thanks. With help from private donors and Corporate Canada, gift cards, discounts, as well as notes of thanks from Adidas, Cineplex, Spin Master Toys, Reebok, and many other Canadian companies, were sent to families whose loved one was deployed overseas during the holiday season. To date, over 7,000 packages have been distributed to deserving military families, with a value of approximately 1.7 million dollars.

For the families who have a loved one stationed overseas, the packages are a welcomed surprise, as receiving recognition for their daily sacrifice is not the norm. We commit to improving our Care Packages each year, with the intention of delivering meaningful and impactful gifts to as many families as possible.

Now, with thousands of care packages delivered to deserving military families across Canada, we’re excited for Canadians to see how we’ll continue to grow and expand our operations while continuing to be the voice of Canadian military families.
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Giving Thanks.

Get Involved.

Want to get involved with the Together We Stand Foundation? We are always looking for volunteers to help recognize Canada’s unsung heroes. Whether it’s contributing to Operation Care Package, celebrating Military Family Appreciation Day, sending letters to families, or getting social across our various platforms, each little bit helps to get our military families to the forefront of the hearts and minds of Canadians. So please reach out to us…the Together We Stand Foundation and Canadian military families need you!

Our Emergency Response.

COVID-19 has underscored that the strength and resiliency of our military families is endless. As a result, we have initiated a fundraising campaign targeted at raising money for emergency housing, counselling services, emergency childcare, assistance with financial crises and food security.

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Donate today to help TWS continue growing Operation Care Package, Operation Military Family Appreciation Day, and other various initiatives aimed at celebrating and supporting our brave military families.

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