Operation Care Package.

Together We Stand began Operation Care Package in 2017 by sending gift boxes filled with coupons and gift cards donated by Corporate Canada to military families with a loved one deployed overseas during the holiday season.

Building on the success of the year one, our organization continues to grow Operation Care Package, by including more meaningful, personal and more impactful gifts for these diverse families across our country. To date, over 9,500 packages have been distributed to deserving military families, with a value over 2 million dollars in cash and gifts in kind.

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to date, over


care packages sent




valued at


dollars canadian.

*As of December 2020

Giving Thanks.

Our Emergency Response.

Sometimes even the strongest need our support. To support military families in crisis, TWS created Operation Emergency Fund as a rapid response mechanism to offer financial aid in a confidential and rapid manner for those facing acute hardship. Whether the need be emergency housing, critical mental health services, emergency childcare, or food security, TWS works closely with the network of CAF Padres and Military Family Resource Centres to ensure that families in need of immediate financial assistance get the support they so deserve.

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