Military Family Appreciation Day.

A Day For Military Families.

“The families of our Canadian Armed Forces members are tremendously important, but often the forgotten glue that keeps everything together back home when our brave men and women in uniform are doing their jobs to keep Canadians safe here and around the world. Their fellow Canadians are often unaware of the enormous sacrifices and long separations from loved ones that these families endure.”
Rick Ekstein, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Together We Stand.

The Third Friday In September.

Working closely with Members of Parliament from every Federal political party, Together We Stand established a nationally recognized day for Canadian military families through the introduction and passage of a Unanimous Consent Motion in the House of Commons on June 19th, 2019. Now, the third Friday in September is known annually as Military Family Appreciation Day across Canada, the first and only day in Canada dedicated to our military families.


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Giving Thanks.


Military Family Appreciation Day (MFAD) was created to celebrate, acknowledge and honour these families, a day to give thanks to those who stand beside the uniform. Our goal is to raise awareness of the challenges, sacrifices and resiliency military families face as they support their loved ones who are currently serving, or have served in the Canadian Armed Forces. In 2019, we decided it was time to find a way in which the organization – and the country as a whole – could thank ALL Canadian military families for their service to our country – so we set our sights on creating a nationally recognized day. We worked to have a unanimous consent motion passed through the House of Commons, producing Canada’s first ever Military Family Appreciation Day – now celebrated each year on the third Friday in September. There is an evident connection between a steady home front and the unimpeded ability of the Canadian Armed Forces members to focus on their important missions. Simply put, their #HomeFort’s are the place of safety and security that military members return to when their work to protect the safety and security of Canada is done.
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Why Canadian Military Families?

The Together We Stand Foundation was created to recognize, thank and pay tribute to patriotic Canadian military families. They are as much a part of our armed forces as those who serve on the front lines, however, they do not wear a uniform. Multiple deployments, frequent moves, isolation, separation, fear for the life of their loved ones…these are some of the unique challenges that Canada’s brave military families face daily. They do so proudly, with great resiliency, and often without recognition or appreciation.

Our 2020 Campaign

In order for our serving members to effectively fulfill their missions, they need to know that things back on the homefront are under control. It is the families of the Canadian Armed Forces that hold down the fort, ensuring that our men and women in uniform can focus on the mission first. Last year on MFAD, we created a digital campaign called #HomeFortChallenge where we asked civilians, high profile Canadians, the CAF community, politicians and celebrities to build a fort, share a video or note of thanks online to honour those who take care of the home front.

2021 MFAD Campaign.

We are looking for diverse Canadian military families to share their voices and experiences as part of Military Family Appreciation Day 2021!

If you would like to participate in our 2021 campaign, please reach out to us at info@twsfoundation.ca.

Participants in the #HomeFortChallenge

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