Our Mission.

“Together We Stand will become the most trusted philanthropic partner of Canadian Armed Forces Families by ensuring they are acknowledged and honoured in a way that they have never been before.” - Rick Seymour, CEO, Together We Stand.

An image of a young girl waving to Canadian Armed Forces members on a ship, layered with an image of a Canadian Armed Forces member preparing for deployment
Together We Stand has tasked ourselves to become the vanguard of military families, showing these families that they are seen, heard and appreciated.
We saw the pivotal role these families play in the Canadian Armed Forces and in the safety of our country. It was time they received acknowledgement for everything they do. The monumental task of keeping life on the home front together, both without knowing when one’s loved one would return, or if they would return at all, requires incredible courage.
“Together We Stand strives to honour our Canadian military families across the country by providing them with the support and acknowledgement that we know they deserve”

Who do we support?

Military families are the centre of gravity for the Canadian Armed Forces. A Forces Member’s ability to succeed depends greatly on having an effective family support system. Multiple deployments, frequent moves, isolation, separation…all are a constant to military families.
Imagery of Canadian Armed Forces members boarding a plan, played on top of an image of kids playing happily in a park.
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Together We Stand is proud to work in partnership with the Department of National Defense and Canadian Armed Forces.

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