Stories from the Homefront.

When CAF Members and their families are stationed abroad, the sacrifices they make runs deep. Physically apart from their families back home, they miss connecting with their loved ones, and being there through all life’s important milestones and events. Here are some of the stories that CAF members and their families have shared with us

The Rabbit Blanky.

An image of a man in Canadian Armed Forces uniform hugging a small child
When a child is born to a military family, they have no say in the nomadic lifestyle to which they are subjected. By the age of three, this child is very likely to have moved at least…

I am a Military Spouse.

An image of a small child hugging an man in Canadian Armed Forces fatigues
I married my husband not long after the movies Top Gun and An Officer and a Gentlemen were big box office hits. I’ve often wondered since then why there hasn’t been…


We all know how awkward our middle school and high school years were. Now imagine, throwing in 4 different schools, 3 different countries, and a whole lot of making new friends…

Into the Mystic.

As an Air Force member married to another service member we tried to do our best to avoid being deployed and/or away at the same time. I remember one particular time when my wife was deployed on very short notice to work with Task Force Aviano which was an allied task force flying bombing missions…

We Scream for
Ice Cream.

On a recent deployment to Kuwait as a member of Air Task Force Iraq, I was the Task Force Chief Warrant Officer. One of my responsibilities was the morale and welfare of our members so I looked for opportunities to do things that helped break up the routine. Since we were members in a coalition…

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