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Every other week we’ll be speaking to members of a military family about what it’s like to be part of such a unique community. Tune in as we drink wine, hide from our kids, and chat from the sanctuary of our tubs!

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Previous Tales.

EPISODE ONE: Tales from the Bathroom

In our very first episode, we are joined by Sarah Rozema-Seaton, a proud military spouse of over 20 years. We also speak to Kim Mills of She Is Fierce, as we get an introduction to military family life.

EPISODE TWO: The Discomfort You’re Feeling Right Now is Grief

Monica Bobbitt of A Goat Rodeo visits us to speak about the intricacies of grief. Joined again by Sarah Rozema-Seaton, we discuss the global pandemic, loss of life, and tools to battle our ongoing anxieties and grief.

EPISODE THREE: Making New Friends In The Military

Kim Mills of the She Is Fierce blog and Sarah Rozema-Seaton, whose husband is currently stationed in Ottawa, join us again this week to talk about different ways you can meet and make friends when posted to a new place.

EPISODE FOUR: What I Wish I Knew

In this weeks episode of The Command Post, we are joined by Suzie Fortin and Sarah Rozema-Seaton, whose husbands currently serve in the CAF, to discuss all the things we wished we had known before joining military life!

EPISODE FIVE: Never Have I Ever

For this week’s episode of The Command Post, we are joined by Sarah, Elenor and Maryanne where the ladies hunker down in their bathrooms with some wine for a fun game of Never Have I Ever…Military-style!

EPISODE SIX: Father’s Day Takeover

Move over ladies! In this week’s episode of The Command Post, our CEO takes over the live stream with LCol Janin Blanchet, father of three and CWO (Ret’d) Troy Zuorro – father of two for a Father’s Day takeover.

EPISODE SEVEN: Let’s Talk About Reintegration

We’re back again in our bathrooms with our wine (still hiding from the kids) tonight at 8:00 pm EST. Our topic for this week is “Let’s talk about REINTEGRATION” with our guests Kim Mills and Maura-Jo Haytaoglu.

EPISODE EIGHT: Raising Kids In The Military

Grab your fave libation and join us in our bathrooms tonight for another episode of the Command Post. This week we talk about raising kids in the military with our guest military moms Amber Poole and Maura Jo Haytaoglu.

EPISODE NINE: Dealing With Posting Season

In the latest episode of The Command Post, we are joined by military spouses Sarah Rozema-Seaton and Catherine Desmarais to discuss something that affects all military families…posting season.

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