Why We Stand Together.

Multiple deployments and postings, new cities and schools, difficulty finding doctors, limited career opportunities and lack of a local support system – these are just some examples of what our military families endure.

“Bringing military families to the forefront”

Together We Stand was created to bring military families to the forefront, highlighting the sacrifices they make on behalf of our country, and to help all Canadians understand the other side of our military.

Our History.

4 Years and counting.

An image of a Canadian Armed Forces member wearing a helmet, layered with an image of a young boy wearing a hockey helmet
In December 2017, founders Rick and Lillian Ekstein provided the families of deployed Canadian Armed Forces members with a $50 gift card to say thank you for supporting their loved ones while they ensure the safety and security of our country. The reaction was so positive they decided to continue their commitment to showing appreciation to Canadian military families, thus Together We Stand was born.

Over the past few years, Together We Stand has expanded our operations calling on some of the biggest companies in Canada to stand with Canadian military families.

Since the inception of Together We Stand, over 7,000 gift boxes filled with a variety of gift cards and coupons have been delivered to families at 29 military bases from coast to coast to coast.
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“Together We Stand has tasked ourselves to become the vanguard of military families, showing these families and every Canadian that they are seen, heard and appreciated” Rick Seymour – CEO

Our Founders.

Lillian & Rick Ekstein

Together We Stand is the creation of Rick and Lillian Ekstein of Thornhill, ON. Proud first-generation Canadians whose families were victims of the Holocaust, the Eksteins are passionate in their belief that Canada is the best country in the world. After a 40 year career in the lumber industry, Rick and Lillian decided it was time to give back to the country that had been so good to them, identifying the Canadian Armed Forces as the most respected industry in Canada. Looking around the military landscape, they quickly realized that while there are a number of respected and successful military focused organizations that exist, none placed any emphasis on the families that remained at home while the active members were in harm’s way. Mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers… these families are the strength behind the uniform, keeping things running on the home front, so their loved ones can focus on being effective and efficient in the line of duty.

They are deeply appreciative of the sacrifices that members of the military and their families make daily to preserve the freedoms of Canadians at home and abroad.
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An image of Together We Stand founders meeting with an member of the Canadian Armed Forces

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