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Military Families

Together We Stand is a non-for-profit foundation that offers unique programming, services, and support to Canada’s brave and resilient military families.

Together We Stand is excited to announce our partnership with NORAD Tracks Santa for the 2021 Holiday Season. We are happy to lend our support to tracking the jolly man in red, a tradition that’s been happening for kids across the world for 65 years!

TWS Operations: FALLEN

When a member of the Canadian Armed Forces loses their life while in uniform, it reminds our country of the ultimate liability serving members face in the name of duty. The fallen men and women leave behind the families who pay the ultimate price in the name of service.

We honour these families and will never forget their sacrifice.

TWS Operations: Military Family Appreciation Day
A Day For Military Families

Military Family Appreciation Day (MFAD) was created to celebrate, acknowledge and honour these families, a day to give thanks to those who stand beside the uniform. Our goal is to raise awareness of the challenges, sacrifices and resiliency military families face as they support their loved ones who are currently serving, or have served in the Canadian Armed Forces.

TWS Operations: Care PAckage
Care Packages Delivered to Military Families

A thank you to our Canadian Armed Forces families. Together We Stand began Operation Care Package in 2017 by sending gift boxes filled with a variety of gift cards, discounts and gifts in-kind to military families with a loved one deployed overseas during the holiday season. To date, over 9,500 gift boxes have been sent to 29 military communities across the country.

Giving Thanks.
Thank you!!!! We received a family box from you as my husband was deployed on HMCS Ottawa. We have thoroughly enjoyed this evening, going through your very generous gift together, planning family events and experiences...
- Trevor D
I am a military mom! I came home tonight with a package from your foundation and as I opened it, I was surprised and appreciative - I really no words can describe my gratitude for this gift! It warmed my heart!
- Sandy B
Dear Together We Stand Foundation, I would like to thank you for sending us the Family Gift Box. It is sometimes difficult for military families to be apart, especially during the holidays, and it's an honour to receive this recognition...
- Madison R
Please forward my sincere thank you to all those concerned for the beautiful presentation, to the donors and contributors and all the staff at Together We Stand - what a remarkable gesture. Thank you and a very Happy New Year...
- George F
TWS Operations: Emergency Fund
All across Canada
When Military Families Need Extra Support.

Sometimes even the strongest need our support. To support military families in crisis, TWS created Operation Emergency Fund as a response mechanism to offer financial aid in a confidential and rapid manner for those facing acute hardship.

TWS Operations:

Honouring the fallen soldiers of Canada’s Armed Forces

Check out Military Family Appreciation Day

Care packages delivered to Military Families

When Militaryt Familes need extra support.

Stories From
The Homefront:
"I am a military spouse"

I married my husband not long after the movies Top Gun and An Officer and a Gentlemen were big box office hits. 

I’ve often wondered since then why there hasn’t been a class-action suit brought against Tom Cruise or Richard Gere because of the impact those movies had on the hearts of the women of my generation, women like myself who jumped right into relationships with these men in uniform expecting excitement, romance, and adventure, yet completely blind to the reality of their lives to come.

As a military spouse, I’ve moved 16 times, lived in four different countries on two different continents, in three states, three provinces, five different time zones, and I learned three languages…

The Command Post Webcast Series

Giving a voice to Canada’s military families. The Command Post brings the military family community together, helping to educate the civilian population about the unique journey of the modern Canadian military family. Discussing prominent themes from a variety of unique perspectives, The Command Post offers insight into the lives of military families like never before!

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